snorkeling on Maui

Will this be your first time snorkeling on Maui? We know that snorkeling for the first time can be a bit nerve racking for a few reasons. It is very important that you feel comfortable and have a knowledgable teacher at your side. This is nearly impossible on many of the tours available out there, simply because of the sheer number of passengers. Our tours are great for beginners and experienced snorkelers as well, we only take small groups. We also take our groups farther from the beaten path. This means that for our experienced snorkelers, you can just hop in as soon as we are secure and can keep an eye on your boat because likey it is the only one there. For our beginners all of our captains and crew are expert snorkelers and often divers and free divers. They will spend as much time with instruction and gear familiarization as you need to feel completely ready, we also have enough noodles, float belts, and boogie boards for each guest. Snorkeling on Maui and also Lana'i is something that we have been doing every day for nearly 30 years. We know the weather well and will take you to the best spot for that day.