snorkeling with dolphins

Snorkeling with dolphins is an unexpected surprise for many of our guests. All of our tours leave from Maui's Lahaina Harbor (slip 8). Once you are aboard we will do a quick safety presentation and then we are off to the majestic island of Lana'i. Lana'i is the island that stars in so many of Maui's spectacular sunsets. This sparsely habited island is home to many different species of dolphins all of which are plentiful and thriving in the waters surrounding Lana'i. We all know that dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures, but did you know that they are also very curious and playful? These guys love to surf and play in the wake of our rafts. You can often hear their clicks and whistles while you snorkel the many breathtaking coral and lave formations surrounding Lana'i. It is not unheard of to find yourself snorkeling with dolphins every once in a while. Some guests will drift just at the edge of the snorkeling area and watch the dolphins frolic below the surface in the distance. Between December and May you may hear the whales in addition to the dolphins. There is nothing more serene than floating above a coral reef teeming with a rainbows worth of tropical fish while listening to whales and dolphins sing all around you.