Maui whale watching tours

 This time of year we no longer offer whale watching tours, that doesn't mean you won't see a whale or two on your snorkeling trip!

Whale season in Maui lasts from around December through May, clearly this is the time of year to go on a whale watch.  This is also a pretty magical time of year to hop on one of our snorkeling and dolphin watching tours. Just a few days ago we were watching a some dolphins and a group of humpback whales showed up and there it was. Dolphins and whales together on the same tour, amazing photos to be had by all. We leave from Lahaina harbor and zip across the channel to snorkel the island of Lana'i.  The channel we cross is the warm shallows that the humpbacks choose to spend most of thier time while here in the waters of Maui. There are no longer enough whales out there to justify offering whale watching tours anymore, but there are definately still a few out there. So, you book a snorkeling and dolphin watching tour and you might just see a whale on the house. One more magical thing about snorkeling this time of year is that once you dip below the surface to begin your snorkeling you just may be able to hear whale songs in the distance. Thier singing can travel for miles below the surface.