whale watches from Lahaina

Maui whale watching is what we do, join us aboard our high speed eco rafts for the experience of a lifetime. Did you know that a humpback whale can weigh 90,000 lbs and be more than 45 ft long. Our rafts take small groups and we stray far from the beaten path. Our tours are aboard small vessels that make each seat a front row seat. It is truly amazing to be mere feet from these 90,000 lb. When you begin to research whale watches from Lahaina you will find a lot of variety. There a few things to know about our whale watches from Lahaina. We only take small groups, we comfortably carry 16 passengers. Many tours out there take more than 60 passengers on a single trip. These large vessels can leave you feeling a bit removed from the experience. Our ocean rafts are fun and fast which means we can spend more time whale watching and less time travelling. We promise to avoid the crowds and find our own whales to watch. Many of the larger and slower vessels congregate in groups around groups of whales right outside the harbor. We thing that a better experience is always had when you stray from the beaten path.