maui whale watching

Maui whale watching season is roughly from December until May. We choose to begin our tours one there are enough whales for us to garauntee you a sighting. Our 30 foot high speed eco rafts are a great way to experience these gentle giants in all their glory. Our vessels comfortably seat 16 passengers, which ensures you will not be peering over anyones shoulder to catch a glimpse. Many vessels that operate around Maui will take upwards of 60 passengers (no fun), these larger crowded vessels are also s l o w. Our speedy rafts can spend less time travelling and more time Maui whale watching. Our speed also allows us to find our own whales and avoid the crowds surrounding the first whales outside the harbor. We offer direct booking through our website at a discounted price which allows you to secure the time slots that work perfectly for you vacation well in advance if you prefer. Booking before the new year also secures 2015 prices into 2016. Our trips leave from Maui's Lahaina harbor throughout the day. Each trip lasts 2 hours and soda, water, and hawaiian juices are included with each tour. Our vessels also carry hydrophones ( underwater microphones) that can play the whale songs from below through our speakers above deck. The complex and hauntingly beautiful whale songs will surprise and move you. We hope you choose to let us introduce you to the Humpbacks of Maui, and if you have been with us before we look forward to seeing you again this upcoming Maui whale watching season.