Maui snorkeling and whale watching  maui snorkeling and whale watching

Should you snorkel or should you whale watch?

This time of year Maui snorkeling and whale watching are both readily available. We have had quite a few inquiries about whether you would be able to see the whales aboard our snorkeling tours. The answer is that yes you will most likely see some whales on your snorkeling tour, especially from January to March. Our snorkeling tours specialize in the island of Lana'i which is a short journey across the smooth shallow channel between the two islands. The relatively shallow waters between these two islands is a favorite spot for the visiting humpbacks and their newborn calves. Our snorkeling tours do however focus on snorkeling and spending some time with the dolphins of Lanai. Many people find that they could use a bit more time devoted exclusevely to whale watching and choose to book one of our two hour whale watching tours which leave 4 times throughout the day. Maui snorkeling and whale watching isn't always an either or proposition, it's all about how you want to devote your time. Whale watching tours can fill up pretty fast during the Winter months and it can be pretty frustrating to know they are out there and not be able to get out there.  Our whale watching trips are only $33.41 per person when you book online. We suggest it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to snorkeling and whale watching, why not book both in advance?!