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Maui Snorkeling is the focus of all of our tours and for good reason. The waters surrounding Maui are crystal clear and usually glassy calm. The reefs below are breathtaking and home to colors that are beyond imagination. The volcanic formations below also allow for a kind of visual drama found nowhere else on earth. One of our favorite  spots is just allong the coast of the neighbor island of Lana’i. As we approach this spot it appears to be an impossible snorkeling spot because we are in nearly 60 feet of water. There is a secret pinnacle here that reaches from the sea floor to just mere feet below the surface. You can snorkel right over the top or venture down along the sides. As you venture down the sides of the pinnacle you will see how the reef inhabitants change with the decrease in sunlight.

As if this weren’t amazing enough, listen close and you will probably hear the clicks and whistles of the dolphins that greet us upon our arrival to magical Lanai. Maui snorkeling is also a way to see the Hawaiian green sea turtles from a different perspective. While it is never alright to touch a sea turtle, you can get pretty close. Join us, snorkeling is a magical way to spend the day. grab your Last Minute Graduation Gift at to save 10%

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