Lanai snorkeling trips

Hurricanes Ignacio and Jimena has passed far north of our Hawaiian islands without incident. They have however disrupted our trade winds, which means it feels really really hot out there. Without the cooling effects of the tradewinds  it can border on too hot. This is the perfect time to jump aboard one of our high speed eco rafts for one of our lanai snorkeling tours. Our rafts are fast and the wind in your hair will be a welcome relief from the tropical humid heat out there. We also only take small groups of passengers, you will not be crammed together with us. Our Lanai snorkeling tours will allow you to slip below the surface into the refreshing waters surrounding the island of Lanai for hours. You can get lost in the beauty just below, all the colors of the rainbow exist among the fishes and corals around the island of Lanai. Lanai is remote and sparsly habited which has preserved some of the worlds best snorkeling spots. Lanai is also home to at least three species of dolphins. We are greeted by them nearly every time we arrive. The hawaiian spinner dolphins are our most frequent visitors and thier acrobatics are worth the trip alone. The love to race and play in the wake created by our rafts. Join us for an experience of a lifetime, and beat the heat!