half day Lanai snorkeling tourhalf day lanai snorkeling tour

The waters surrounding the islands that make up Maui County are so full of life. On each Lanai snorkeling tour we see such variety below the surface. Myriad colorful fish fill the reefs and we are often escorted by pods of dolphins at play in our wake. On a recent trip we came across  less common creatures. We were surprised to find a pair of False Killer Whales frolicking in the waters of Lanai. These guys are the third largest members of the oceanic dolphin family. There isn't a whole lot known about these elusive hunters. They average about 16 feet long and can weigh up to 2,600 lbs. These whales have been known to approach and offer fish they have caught to humans diving or boating. Not on our tour, that would have been amazing! In 2012, the United States (NOAA) recognized the Hawaiian population of about 150 individuals as endangered. With only 150 of these whales in the entire Hawaiian islands, this was a pretty lucky tour.