Keep these Two things in mind when choosing your Maui Snorkeling tour!


We know that there are tons of different options out there for you to choose from. It is possible to become overwhelmed with all the different price options and vessel sizes. Some tours look like a great deal, even to good to be true. Many of these super cheap tours require you to sit through a time share pitch. Who has time for that, you time is valuable too. Some tours even take you to snorkeling spots you could easily drive to, that doesn't make much sense. Do you really need a gift shop aboard your boat, Maui is covered with cool little shops, you are there to snorkel! We would like to help you narrow it down by giving you two specific criteria to think about when choosing your tour.

Vessel/group size

This may not seem obvious but there are a few reasons that this can make a big difference in your experience. A smaller vessel is closer to the surface which makes interacting with and viewing dolphins much cooler and more personal. You will get better pictures of the dolphins and turtles of you are not 30 feet above the water. Something else you may not have considered is that smaller vessels tend to be faster. Faster isn't just more fun it is more effective. Some of these large vessel tours take half the time meant for snorkeling and spend it travelling. Our rafts for example can zip across the channel between Maui and Lana'i super quich so you can spend more time snorkeling. Another benifit of ais that it automatically limits group size. The texperience is just more magical when you aren't snorkeling amidst 30-60 other snorkelers. A tour of 10 usually feels like family by the time you return to shore.


As previously mentioned many of the larger slower tours actually take you to snorkeling spots on the road system. You probably already have a rental car so why pay again to go somewhere you could easily get to without a giant group. There is always Molokini which is crowded with boats and snorkelers all scrambling for a spot. The actual volcanic formation is very cool, but the snorkeling isn't the best. We suggest you look for a company that will take you to Lana'i. This is our specialty and here is why. Lana'i is an often overlooked jewwl. This giant private island is sparsely inhabited and is home to many dolphin species as well as some truly world class snorkeling. The variety in locations offered around the island are mind blowing as well as breathtaking. Avoid the crowds and veer from the beaten path. You will not be dissapointed.