Maui whale watching, Hop on a Whale Watch!

Our Maui whale watching tours specialize in taking small groups for an adventurous trip off the beaten path.

Next time you are gazing out over the crystal blue waters off Maui, take a second to notice the activity of the boats out there. You will see grouping of large vessels clustered about a few miles from shore. Each of these vessels can carry upwards of 60 passengers. If there are 4 boats that is 240 people all watching the same group of whales.

We take a different approach. We operate our tours aboard our high speed eco rafts, which sets us apart for several reasons. Our vessels are designed to be less invasive and carry smaller groups. This design means that you will never be peering over anyones shoulder to get a look, each seat is literally a front row seat. Our vessels are also fast, which is really fun! Our speed allows us to spend less time travelling and more time whale watching. Because we are fast we can go much further out and find our own whale groups. We think you will enjoy the more intimate whale watching experience that we can offer, we believe that the whales prefer it too. the jumping off point to one of the absolute best ways to get out on a Maui whale watching adventure unlike all the others..  We offer exclusive Maui rafting tours for you, your family and friends. Don't have a group to go with? Per person rates are also available. Come join us aboard our 30ft. hard-bottom inflatable raft. Enjoy comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers and spectacular views of Maui's gentle giants from the best seats in town. Choose from a Per Person outing or a 2 Hour Private Whale Watch. The Best Seats In Town! Avoid the crowds on a Maui rafting trip aboard Hawaii Ocean Rafting's 30ft. hard-bottom inflatable raft. Enjoy comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers. Unlike larger vessels our raft allows you to get that up close and eye level photo you wish for. Book this Tour