When is the best time for Maui Whale watching?

When is the best time for Maui Whale watching?

It depends on exactly what you are looking for.

Maui really does have something to offer throughout the year. For those that are all about snorkeling you are pretty good throughout the year. If it is possible for you to schedule your trip during off peak times you may want to think about it. Pretty much everything will be a bit less crowded and you will probably save on flights and hotel stays. For those that want to make sure to see some humpback whales, the times are a bit more limited. The humpback whale season here on Maui oficially begins in December and finishes up in May. That said, the whale sightings can be sparse closer to the beginning and end of each season. We often wait until the middle to end of December to begin our whale watching tours. This ensures a full whale watching experience.

Do you have children?

There are always a few extra considerations for those travelling with a family. You will quickly find that a lot of the school holidays around the country happen within days and weeks of each other. This means that there are quite  few people trying to travel at the same times, resulting in high seasons. The closer to the beginning or end of these holiday seasons that you can book your travel the better. Travelling on an actual holiday is also recomended to avoid crowds and save a buck. When traveling during high seasons it is imperative that you book your tours in advance. Whale watching season can sell out fast during peak season which coinsides with the Thanksgiving through New Years holidays. Another option is taking the kids out of school for a week. Many teachers will help to put together some homework and asign a report about the vacation. Sometimes an experience can teach more than they can ever find in a book .When is the best time for Maui Whale watching, as you can see it really does depend.

How is your Budget?

Most of us are on sime kind of a budget, and who doesn’t like to save a buck or two? First either prepare to book a hotel far in advance or be flexible enough to book the night before on a site like Priceline. Hotel prices vary greatly here on Maui, if you can travel outside of the high seasons you will save big. Flights also vary greatly, try using an app like Hopper to see if you are getting a good deal or if you should wait for the price to drop. Finally you can save an automatic %15 on all of our tours when you book directly online.

When is the best time for Maui Whale watching?