Not sure what to do on Maui?

There are so many things that you can do on your island vacation! Maui island is home to six distinct and versatile climates. Whether you are looking to trek through the rainforests of Hana or take a dip in the pacific of the desert shores of Lahaina– you can’t go wrong!

If you're looking for ideas on what to do on Maui, we've got you covered!

The History and Legend of Maui

Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727 square miles. According to Native Hawaiian legend, the Polynesian navigator Hawai’iloa, who was attributed with discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, named the island of Maui. His son was given the name after the demi-god Maui raised all the Hawaiian Islands from the sea. The Island of Maui is also called the “Valley Isle” for the stretch of land between two towering volcanoes.

The history of modern-day Maui can be traced back to many large-scale events. One of which was the huge whaling boom in the Pacific and Japan that led to sailors making a pit stop at former capital of the State of Hawaii– Lahaina.

Including walking through the Banyan Trees and the Museum that houses both artifacts and legends around this interesting and integral point of Maui’s history; there are so many things to try and do on your trip to Maui for all ages!

Maui’s Activities for Any Weather

It is no secret that Maui is home to a lot of different climates and weather phenomena. This includes large scale rainforest and more marine areas like the West Maui Mountains that can get up to 400 inches (10m) of rainfall a year– whereas Kihei in South Maui gets only around 19 inches (480mm) of rainfall a year.

If you are looking to have a day out in the sun on the beach or on the golf course – you can check out these Maui Activities, or one of our many golf courses like Kaanapali and Kapalua Golf Courses.

If you are looking for more of a rugged adventure while staying here in Maui you could reserve a spot to watch sunrise at the summit of the 10,000 foot tall dormant volcano Haleakala or take out a dune buggy and rove around the backside of West Maui.

If you are more of a seafaring adventurer there are many different whale watching and snorkel tours like Hawaii Ocean Rafting that are available. Some opt for day long fishing and diving charters as well!

what to do on Maui

Where to Shop and Dine in Maui

In addition to an activity to fit the fantasy of any traveler; there are a plethora of amazing places to shop and dine here on the island. Maui has a great culture of shopping and supporting local– it is very important that those who are visiting are contributing back to the local economy and fully immersing themselves in all that the island has to offer.

Some great places to shop and support local are the Lahaina Cannery Mall, Moonbow Tropics, and Made in Maui. For dining one must check out some of the great locally owned and critically acclaimed restaurants like Maui Brewing Company, StarNoodle, and TinRoof– each offer unique dining experiences for a date night or a fun night out with the whole family!

Ocean Adventures on Maui

Maui is a leading whale-watching hub in the world and within the Hawaiian islands come winter  many Humpback whales are sheltered amongst ‘Au‘au Channel between the islands that make up Maui county. The whales migrate approximately 3,500 miles (5,600 km) from Alaska and come here to mate, birth and raise their young in the warm waters.

A whale watching tours is one of the coolest things you can do here in Maui. Spending the day seeing these incredible creatures in their natural habitat, from a safe distance, really gives someone the sense of majesty that both this island and our oceans contain.

If you are looking to visit Maui this is a must see!

What to do in Maui

Overall, Maui is home to many activities for any individual of any age! If you are looking for an amazing vacation or just a fun thing to do locally this is the place to start!