Red Ginger flowerThere is still time left for a whale watch

There is still time left for a whale watch!

When is Whale Season Over?

The general rule is that Maui's whale season is from December until May. This is a rough estimate on both ends. Sometimes we see whales arrive as early as October and remain through the end of May with a few stragglers around in early June. Maui’s whale season has peak activity occurring between January and March. We typically stop offering whale watching tours on May 15th because there are just to few whales to garantee a worthwhile experience with multiple sightings.

Are there Enough Whales around for an Exciting tour?

The answer is yes! There are still plenty of whales around and we have had some pretty great tours in the last few days. The warm shallow waters surrounding Maui are really quite small when you think about it. Our rafts are super fast and if we see action off in the distance we can zip you there in no time!

Maybe a Snorkeling tour is your Best Bet?

As the year progresses into May you may wan't to consider booking a snorkeling tour instead. Our trips will take you to the island of Lanai for either a half or full day of snorkeling. What many may not realize is that the trip to Lanai takes you right through the very waters where the whales are always most abundant. This time of year all of our snorkeling tours are part whale watch.

So Yes, There is still time left for a whale watch! you will save a few bucks if you book direct at