snorkeling from Lahaina

Snorkeling from Lahaina.

As the winter and for many the school year comes to an end it is time to plan a getaway. Summer in Maui is a magical time. For many of you out there Maui is actually a great place to escape the summer heat waves. There is always a cooling breeze and the thermometer rarely tops 85 degrees. Our ocean temperatures can reach 80 degrees in the summer and the seas are generally much calmer than in the winter. Calmer water means clearer water and you will not find more crystal clear blue water than that surrounding the island of Lanai. If you are planning a summer trip to Maui, dont miss out on some of the best snorkeling in the world. We offer full and half day snorkeling from Lahaina harbor. Both tours leave Lahaina harbor and head over to the island of Lanai. Lanai is part of Maui County but is sparsely populated and fiercely beautiful. It's towering cliffs are such an amazing backdrop. If you are going to be snorkeling from Lahaina do yourself a favor and stray from the beaten path. We operate high speed eco rafts and provide all the food, drinks, and gear. Just show up! We see a lot of dolphins too, Lanai is home to large pods of spotted and Hawaiian spinner dolphins. There is something about our rafts that often draws them to play in our wake. A little adventure just  may be the key to the perfect vacation. Relax on the beach, sample exotic cuisine, and go snorkeling from Lahaina. Breathtaking sights, rafting fun, dolphins, turtles, and a rainbow of reef fish just below the surface.