Right now is the prime time to plan your snorkeling adventure!

snorkeling adventure!

As you explore Maui you will find many different types of beaches and skylines. The West Maui mountains tower above Lahaina and Kaanapali in lush green majesty. There are giant white sand beaches as well as hidden little black sand beaches. The sunrise over the ancient Haleakala is beautiful both from atop the crater as well as from the shores below. You can certainly spend days, even weeks exploring by car, bus, and foot. There is one perspective that you won’t be able to discover for yourself though. The only way to really take it all in is a little ways out to sea. As our snorkeling tours head across the channel to the island of Lana’i you see Haleakala as well as the Western mountains all surrounded by white sand beaches kissing crystal blue waters all around. Not only will you grasp the great beauty of the entire island, you will also experience reefs and volcanic formations far from any road system. We travel to the Island of Lanai which offers its own striking coastlines. Towering sea cliffs rise giant above many of our favorite snorkeling spots. Lana’i is mostly uninhabited and is therefore home to some really pristine coral reefs. Three different species of dolphin also call Lanai home. Right now is the prime time to plan your snorkeling adventure!

Spring Break is nearly over and the crowds have certainly died down. You can expect a very light crowd aboard your snorkeling tour this time of year as well as a few whales still hanging around. We take our snorkeling guests to the island of Lanai which means we pass right through the islands best whale watching grounds. You dont want to go on a whale watch and spend ours searching, hop on a snorkel and spend you time doing a bit of both. Right now is the prime time to plan your snorkeling adventure! If you book directly on our website at www.hawaiioceanrafting.com you will save an automatic %10!!!