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Maui whale watching at its best!

The humpback whales have been here in the islands since October of last year. The started to trickle in a little bit earlier than usual this year. They have always been very mysterious creatures, both to scientists and the likes of us. Their sheer size should strike fear in our hearts, yet it is always quite the opposite. They are massize, acrobatic, and agressive within the male competition pods. They are also heartbreakingly gentle and curious. The way that they interact with us is like no other experience you can ever have. They have actually reached out and touched our rafts with their giant pectoral fins, just a gentle touch. The swim back and forth below the raft just feet below the suurface. You can watch from three feet above as their entire graceful mass glides below. You can see the black, grey , and white markings on bellies and fins that identify each individual whale. It is not uncommon for a whale to raise its head from the sea and look us right in the eye. Maui whale watching is an interaction between two groups of sentient beings and it can be life changing.

We offer multiple whale watching tours as well as half day snorkeling adventures daily during whale season.  Our high speed eco rafts are available for private charters. You can customize your own whale watch, half day, mid- day, or full day snorkeling experience.