Maui whale watching is an experience of a lifetime.

[caption id="attachment_817" align="alignnone" width="300"]Maui whale watching[/caption]

When you join us aboard our high speed eco rafts you can experience some of the best Maui whale watching out there. Our captain and crew are very knowledgable about all things humpback whales.

Imagine looking into the eye of a playful and curious weeks-old calf while the mother naps just below. Then imagine the mother surfacing nearby for a breath and, accepting your presence, settling back down to continue her rest.

Not all behaviors are playful. Procreation is serious business  When the males arrive in the islands their testosterone levels are high and they are eager to find a mate. The presence of a receptive female can lead to competition pods as challenging males physically struggle to displace her primary escort.

These conflicts can be very physical, last for hours, and cover many miles as each bull fights for the favored position at the female’s side. Being on the water in a small boat when four to fifteen (or more!) male humpback whales brawl for dominance will redefine your concept of “running with the bulls”!

You may have a front row seat to one of the greatest performaces on earth , a singing male humpback whale. Imagine listening to the most sophisticated animal song on the planet as he sings right below the raft. The power of these songs makes them audible for miles. Our bodies are mostly composed of water, which allows this acoustic force to flow right through. It is not unusual for visitors to experience different resonance frequencies from the song of the humpback whale, with some guests feeling the reverberations in their chest cavities, others in the long bones of their arms or legs. When you close your eyes the music doesn’t come from without, but from within. Imagine a concert where the song literally shakes your bones.

Join us for the best maui whale watching out there.