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We offer some of the best Maui whale watching around. We leave daily from slip 8 in Lahaina harbor. If you take a stroll through the harbor stop by and chat with our folks at the booth. You can also find out all you need to know by browsing our website, don't forget to check trip advisor! Once you have done your research you will find that there are quite a few options for whale watching. We don't do crowds on our boats and we don't join crowds of boats all watching the same whales either. We offer Maui whale watching aboard high speed eco rafts, this means that every seat is a front seat. Our speed means that we can find our own whales to watch. If we spot an active pod of whales in the distance, we can get there quick. There is something special about being on a small boat that gives an eye to level view of these gentle giants, just us and the whales. When the whales get close we shut down our engines, the silence and lapping waves are only broken by the giant breaths, spouts, and splashes of the whales. Maui whale watching is some of the best in the world. It appears that they love the relatively shallow water of Maui Nui. The water surrounding the islands that comprise Maui (Maui, Molokai. Lanai, and Kahoolave) are thousands of feet deep, the waters within are mere hundreds of feet deep. This may be why there is such a concentration in this area. At the height of whale season you cant look in any one direction for more than a minute without seeing a humpback whale. If you are planning a holiday vacation between December and May, you should really consider a whale watch trip. You can see them from the shore, but an up close experience is unparalleled. Our rafts offer the best option for those that want to take pictures, there are no crowds to fight to get a good shot. You can book our Maui whale watching trips online and receive a discount as well as lock in 2013 prices if you book before January 1st, 2014.


Maui whale watching