Maui Whale Watching is what we do!

Maui whale watching

Maui's whale watching season is here again, join us aboard one of our high speed eco rafts for the experience of a lifetime. If you are planning a vacation during you winter break don't forget Maui's whale watch season is from December through May. Maui's winters are pleasantly mild but don't let a cloudy or rainy day keep you from going out on a trip. Sometimes a cloudy day is the best whale watching weather, the whales don't care if it is raining and you will often find that there are fewer boats around. Many of the activities around Maui are pretty weather dependant. You may find yourself in your hotel room looking out at a gloomy day and not wanting to waste the day indoors. The beach isn't much fun under a drizzle. You could spend the day shopping and dining or save a few bucks and experience Maui's humpback whales. The past few days have been pretty windy with the ocassional shower, and we have had some spectacular whale watches. Grab your jacket and camera and head down to slip 8 in Lahaina harbor. Almost every day in Maui has perfect whale watching weather, including a blustery day. You can also browse our website and select and book your perfect trip. Cloudy days are good whale watching weather as well as being nice for snorkeling.

maui whale watching