Maui is home to many humpback whales, and people often travel to Maui just to check whale watching on their bucket list. It is a stage for some of the most majestic performances of whales. So if you are heading to Maui for whale watching but don’t know exactly where to spot them from, don’t worry it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem.

Besides the go-to  tips for whale watching, you definitely want an enjoyable experience. There are many spots to catch the whales in action, but here are some of the best places to see whales in Maui.


Once home to the capital of the Hawaiian Islands and the whaling economy that bloomed with the coming of trans-pacific visitors, Lahaina is the best place for whale watching. Departing from here will ensure the best experience as you spend almost all your time out at sea and amongst the whales. The weather is the most consistent anywhere on the island and the reef that runs along Lahaina’s coast is a favorite for whales to raise their young. In addition, you can also enjoy the view of many other marine life off the west side of the island like eagle rays and dolphins. Venture to the west side and enjoy some of the best whale watching experiences in Lahaina.

La Perouse Bay

La Perouse Bay is home to many archaeological sites, such as canoe hale, salt pans, fishing shrines, temples, coastal plants and many more. It is often visited by Spinner dolphins and whales because of the shallow and calm bay that offers them a resting spot. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also options for those who want to spend time in the waters after whale watching. This is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the majestic creatures.

Secret Beach and Makena Cove

This is the best place for those who enjoy paddling through the calm, clear waters. Over the crystal clear waters of South Maui, make sure you take a tour in the morning as the weather on the south side of the island tends to become windy mid to late morning. Besides the many aquatic animals and the underwater places you can snorkel through, the highlight is the humpback whales. Keep your eyes peeled because it is the migrating and mating areas of the whales. But remember to keep a safe and respectful distance.

Hookipa Beach park

Located along the North Shore of the island and nine miles from the Kahului airport, Hookipa beach park may sneak you a glimpse of whales. Popular among surfers, you may spot a whale while sitting on the beach watching the surfers. If you’re on the north east side of the island, look for whales when you stop at Hookipa beach park.

See the Whales in Action

When you visit Maui, choosing the best place to see the whales is crucial because you don’t want to miss them and have to find another spot. Along the west coast of Maui and Lahaina the water is referred to as the Maui Nui Basin which is the most populated spot for whales. This area was designated a federal sanctuary for humpback whales in the 1990’s due to the majority of the whale population residing in this one location. Get recommendations from the locals, read reviews, talk to the owners and crew to learn more about your best options for a whale watching tour. This way, you can also get a closer view of the majestic creatures, something you won’t forget for a lifetime.