Lanai snorkeling.
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed December 9, 2013

I stopped at a kiosk looking for ideas and pricing for attractions. I have always wanted to visit Molakini. After discussing pricing with the sales guy and fending off his repeated queries into getting me to get a FREE breakfast and "Time Share" presentation I got some good information. He told me that Molakini is visited by a lot of people each day and perhaps I didnt want to contribute to the degradation of the attraction.
I have never been one for the down trodden path and would welcome a more hands on and close in day trip. Well I got one.
Sean and Tom, I'm sorry, Tom and Sean ( Captain comes first ) took us out for a multi stop visit to Lanaii. Sean swims like a seal at the aquarium. Watching him swim through my face mask reminded me of looking through the glass at the aquarium where the seals swim effortlessly through the water.
We were lucky. We were surrounded by a large amount of dolphin. They were so close that when I was swimming I could look into their eyes and see them looking back. My daughter got bonked in the face mask by a turtle. A really big turtle. She still talks about it with a smile.
Tom steers the boat real nice.
When I think back about my trip to Maui with my daughter I keep seeing Sean and Tom smiling. You made our trip very memorable. We swam at a lot of nice beaches and met a lot of nice people. I can not tell you guys how much I appreciate you sharing your expertise and knowledge of the best little places to swim and snorkel.
Sean gave us a good recommendation on a good Sushi bar in our area. Tom drives the boat real nice.
The boat rides real nice, thanks to Tom, holds up to 10 passengers. You get a real intimate tour and enjoyable visit with the crew. Sean has some neat stories about his time in the service, boat engines an horses. My daughter rides horses and was impressed with his knowledge of the animal. Tom drives the boat real nice.
The other passengers were some nice folks and are sending me a video of my daughter getting bonked by a turtle.
My writing above where I say that Tom drove the boat real nice is just to mess with him. He is an experienced Captain and a real nice gentleman.
Tom and Sean. I know you are reading this. Thank you so much for a great day. I can still see your smiles in my memories of our time together.
Rich and Ciarli

Visited November 2013