Lanai is where it's at!

If you visit the island of Maui, you really must find the time to snorkel Lanai and its many pristine underwater treasures. We leave daily to provide snorkeling from Lahaina harbor on Maui’s majestic West side. Hop aboard one of our high speed ocean rafts for the experience of a lifetime. The snorkeling around the island of Lanai is unlike anything you wil find while venturing around Maui’s road system. We set out from Lahaina harbor and head out across the channel to the island of Lanai. It pays to plan ahead, save %10 when you book directly at!

Check Out The Wildlife

Lanai is home to several different species of dolphin which usually greet us upon our arrival to the shores of Lanai. There is something about our quick rafts and their wake that the dolphins find irresistable. They jump, spin and surf along side as we approach our first snorkeling spot. When you snorkel Lanai you will discover a snorkelers paradise. Not only is lanai home to 3 species of dolphins, but there are also Hawaiian green sea turtles. If you join us between December and May you will also be able to enjoy some whale watching. Our snorkeling tours travel right through Maui’s best whale watching territory. We also offer exclusive whale watching tours, most folks book a snorkeling tour and a whale watching tour in the end.

The sightseeing Is Spectacular

With so many wonderful rock lava formations all around the island there is a spot for each type of wind. There are pinnacles rising to just below the surface in sixty feet of water and outcroppings reaching out of the sea in the middle of calm little bays. Snorkel Lanai and find such diverse experience all in one trip. One of the great things about out small group snorkeling tours is that you can avoid the crowds. when you snorkel Maui’s road system you are often in the water with many  other snorkelers. The road system is easy and therefore often a bit crowded. When you hop on your own boat you can find your own private spots. If you join us for our full day snorkel Lanai tour, you will see the giant shipwreck towering from Lanai’s shallow coastal waters.