Are you heading to Maui for whale watching but don’t know which of the many tours to choose from? Well, fret not because it isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. Besides the many tips for whale watching, you definitely want an enjoyable experience. Here is how to choose the best Maui whale watching tour for you and your loved ones, which will hopefully make it one of the most memorable and out-of-this-world experiences you will have.


Cost is always an important factor when going on tours. It is important to ensure your tour is not too costly, neither is it too cheap. It can be weighed out alongside other factors like your choice of boats etc. You never know, what if you miss the sighting of a whale when queuing up for food or enjoying performances? That would not be ideal.

It is also good to take recommendations from locals, they have insight and know the area, the wildlife and operators. You can always compare prices online and refer to reviews by visitors. When reading reviews look for consistency, if there are lots of great reviews, the not so great ones may have been an anomaly.

Company Image

Definitely beware of companies that promise you the ‘closest’ view of the whale possible. Besides it being a sign that they are breaching safety guidelines and laws, it is just too good to be true. On top of that, many unreputable companies operate tours in a more corporate style, with larger groups or not locally owned.Choose a tour by a reputable company that sees you as a person not just a number. Companies where the team loves what they do will give you the best whale watching experience. When reading reviews, look at what it says about the crew. Evaluating a company's image can help you book a more positive experience.

Tour Focus

Many companies run seasonal whale watches, on top of other activities such as snorkeling or diving.  Ensure that the tour you choose focuses on whale watching, whereby the activities are just an add-on, or to be conducted after you have seen the majestic creatures, and not solely a glimpse before taking off into the horizon. Read up on their websites and reviews to know exactly what the tour includes, how the time is designated for activities and where the tour will be hosted.

Whale Sighting Guarantee

Sometimes, nature does its own thing and  you may be unable to spot a whale on your tour. Don’t worry, most companies will book you on another tour for free (sometimes within a specific time frame such as a year or that season) if you do not get to see the whales. Some companies will even refund your trip if there are no whale sightings. This is most likely to happen at the very beginning or end of whale season when there are fewer whales on Maui. But do note, it only applies to certain companies, so do your research to see which tours provide this guarantee.

Choose the Best Tour

Maui is considerably one of the best places to whale watch. While you choose a tour, always remember to prioritize visitor satisfaction. Don’t opt for cheap tours just to save on cost. Ensure your safety is top-notch as well. Only this way can you enjoy whale watching without worry. Book your tour today and enjoy the best whale watching experience of your life!