Looking for info on Hawaii’s Pineapple Island? Maui is most known for the resort lined white sandy beaches and the remnants of different cultures and generations that have passed through the valley isle; whether that be the relics of the whale trade at the height of imperialism or the stone foundations marking Hales from Polynesian ancestors.

Whether you are visiting Maui for the history, the unique marine life like whales who migrate to the island every winter, or more adventurous excursions like the Road to Hana or zip-lining- many visitors seem to miss one of Maui’s greatest hidden gems: the outer islands.

Where is Hawaii’s Pineapple Island?

Also known as Lanai, Hawaii’s Pineapple Island is one of the other islands that make up Maui County (along with Maui, Ko’olawe, and Molokai).

You can see Lanai from points along the South and West sides of Mainland Maui. Lanai is actually the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands (with a width of 18 miles and being 140.53 square miles total) and is known throughout the state as the “Pineapple Island” due to its past as location of the popular Dole pineapple plantation.

>While it is no longer the hot-spot for pineapples; Hawaii’s Pineapple Island has become known for it's beautiful reefs and therefore some of the greatest snorkeling in the county of Maui.

How do You Get to Lanai?

The island is accessible via ferry or any boat transport. In recent years visitors and locals alike have utilized snorkel and boat tours in order to adventure to Lanai as that ensures not only safe transport but the experience of exploring the pristine reefs that line the shoreline.

While the island used to be home to pineapple that fed the empire that was the Hawaiian Pineapple Company and Dole Food Company’s Pineapple wing— it is now home to just one small town; Lanai City.

If you opt to ferry to Lanai, you will be able to explore the island and visit the local shops that make up its small population and economy. Supporting local is one of the paramount tenants that visitors are encouraged to adhere too. Just note you have to rent a car once you take the ferry as the town is not accessible from the shore. There is one beach to visit and the town itself has a couple restaurants and one movie theater. The island also has golf and hunting if you decide to stay overnight at the resort.

The Pineapple Isle is home to only two hotels— so the best way we suggest visiting Lanai is either ferrying and staying in one of these establishments that have arose in the post-pineapple era of the island or opting to camp on its white sand beaches.

If you chose to visit Lanai via a boat tour or snorkel excursion you will be introduced to the rich marine life, many species can't be found anywhere else in the world. Who knows, if you are lucky your journey to the outer isle may be accompanied by a whale or two.
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Can You Snorkel Near Hawaii’s Pineapple Island?

Lanai is increasingly becoming a popular destination for snorkeling. The clear waters alongside the pristine reef are due to minimal shoreline development, giving the coral and sea life in this location the best chance to thrive.

If you are looking to take a once-in-a-lifetime day trip to the gorgeous reefs (or possibly venturing to the island on a long whale watching tour in the winter or spring) make sure to book ahead!

The trip to snorkel Lanai by boat will give you access to many more snorkel locations than landing from the ferry and accessing from foot. Consider what you want your underwater experience to be like as you plan your trip to the island of Lanai.

This remote island and its snorkeling and marine life are unlike any other snorkel spots in Maui. You don't want to miss an adventure to the Pineapple Isle.