Get the most out of your Maui whale watch

Get the most out of your Maui whale watch!

All Whale Watches are Not the Same

As soon as you start shopping around for your whale watching tour you will probably be surprised bt the variety out there. Tour size is one if the main differences among the various tours out there. Some of the large vessel tours out there can take upwards of 60 passengers at once. While these larger vessels are right for some folks, many find them a little stressful. Large vessels have numerous restrooms and even a gift shop. You can find yourself jockeying for a view or even having to move from one side of the vessel to the other just to catch a glimpse of the whales. These large vessels are often pretty slow moving and you may spend more time traveling than actual whale watching. A smaller tour is usually aboard a smaller vessel and takes far fewer passengers. Our smaller raft style vessels are low profile and allow you to get an eye level view from each seat on the boat.  Our rafts are fast and allow us to spend less time travelling and more time whale watching. If you like a little bit of adventure and prefer to avoid the crowds a small group tour is for you.


Ask Questions

Our Captains and crew didn't just stumble into positions aboard whale watching boats in Maui. They love where they live and the ocean and it's inhabitants as well. One of our Captains actually runs whale watching tours year round. He follows the whales between Maui and Alaska each season. As you watch these gentle giants you may have all kinds of questions pop into your head, please ask! We love to share knowledge and increase awareness about these wonderful creatures!

Take Advantage of Freebies

It can't hurt to ask about any freebies included with your tour. We can't speak for other tours but here are a few things you can expect on our tours. Each of our vessels is equipped with a fully stocked icy cold cooler full of free sodas, waters, and fruit juices. Feel free to help yourself or request a beverage at any time during the tour. Our crew are often using the gopro camera to capture underwater footage, just ask and they will send the footage directly to you. If you are quick to catch a chill or the weather is a bit stormy we offer complimentary wetsuits to wear on the tour. just ask before the boat leaves the dock!