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2.5-5 HOURSAGES 4+


Maui Snorkel & Dolphin Tours

Cruise Maui with 18 or less passengers on small group eco-rafts. Snorkel with turtles and venture to Lanai for dolphin watching.




Maui Whale Watching Tours

Whale Sightings Guaranteed or go again FREE. Our small group eco-rafting tours are a whale watch adventure for everyone.




Maui Private Boat Charters

Book a custom private boat charter for your family & friends. Choose your Maui activities, time, duration and menu.




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Wildfire Impacted Business

Support Lahaina’s Recovery

Mahalo for your support this season, especially as we rebuild after the Lahaina fires! Your support of our small local business help our team of Lahaina and Maui locals get back to work and on the ocean to heal.

Maui Whale Watching & Snorkeling

Adventure with the locals.

One-on-One Connections

Because our tours are small group, you get one-on-one time with the crew and other ohana on your adventure.

A Trusted Local Business

For more than 30 years, Hawaii Ocean Rafting has been sharing Maui whale watch and snorkel adentures with our ohana.

Malama Maui

Spending time on the ocean with us locals you will learn of our deep love of the Maui and how to malama our island.

A Family-Style Hawaiian Experience

Small group Maui ocean tours from Lahaina create a family-style experience by giving everyone the chance to get to know each other. We are family and Hawaiian-owned and want everyone to have an ohana experience with us.

Authentic Eco-Adventure

Smaller group tours mean less impact on the environment. Out naturalists have the opportunity to educate each visitor about Maui and sustainability. Experience authentic encounters with Maui’s marine life away from crowds.

Safety and Confidence with your Crew

Your safety and education are priority on your our. Our crew are certified lifeguards and marine naturalists, trained to make your ocean experience a positive and fun adventure!

Support Lahaina’s Recovery

Mahalo for your support this season, especially as we rebuild after the Lahaina fires! Your support of our small local business helps our team of Lahaina and Maui locals get back to work and on the ocean to heal.


Whale Watching


Maui’s original small group eco-raft
whale watching adventures.

What makes our Maui Whale Watch Tours so popular?

Guaranteed whale sightings or go for free!

Our adventure rafts only take 16 passengers maximum, giving everyone a front row view of humpback whales! Avoid crowds and enjoy an eye-level encounter with whales during our tours, perfect for photo ops and underwater go-pro footage! We guarantee whale sighting or you go again for free!

Best chance for up close whale watching in Maui!

Because we are a small raft, whales are more likely to swim up to us which makes for a once in a life- time close whale encounter! Although they can approach us, whales are protected in Maui so we do not approach them closer than federal regulations allow. Listen to whale songs on our hydrophones and learn whale facts from our Our marine natural- ist guides will also share whale facts and other ocean information, making this tour a fun and educational experiMarine Naturalist on board during your Maui Whale Watching Tour!

When is the best time for Maui Whale Watching?

The short answer is that any time of day is great for Maui Whale Watching! Because Humpback whales migrate to Maui to mate and give birth but are not feeding, they do not have any time they are more or less active! Whales migrate to Hawaii seasonally and can be seen from December through April!

What is the best weather for Maui Whale Watching?

Obviously, whales don’t mind getting wet, so the rain isn’t a bother! When it comes to weather there does not appear to be weather patterns that affect whale activity.

With that in mind, we reschedule tours due to weather if it will be unpleasant or unsafe for our guests

Can we swim or snorkel with whales in Maui?

Whales are protected in Hawaii so we do not approach them closer than federal regulations allow, that includes no swimming or snorkeling with whales. But because we are a small raft, whales are likely to swim up to us in the boat! When whales approach our boats closely, it’s called a mugging!

What makes our Maui snorkel tours so popular?

Maui Snorkeling away from the crowds!

If you’re looking for an adventure snorkel, escape the crowds with us and snorkel the island of Lanai, exploring unique reefs, sea cliffs and watching wild dolphins! The island of Lanai is a 20 minute boat ride from Maui and has more than a dozen snorkel spots to choose from!
Snorkel with turtles & see dolphins!

Many of our snorkel stops include snorkeling with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle! Sea turtles are protected in Maui so we will guide you on snorkeling safely with Maui’s honu! Dolphins are also protected in Maui, but we can watch them in the wild from the boat! This is where our low to water rafts make the dolphin watching experience the next best thing.

Do we offer beginner friendly snorkel tours in Maui?

Yes, our snorkel tours are beginner friendly! Our Maui Snorkel Tours are small groups and give one-on-one snorkel instruction, and our crew snorkels with our guests in the water during the tour! Flotation devices like float belts and pool noodles to assist snorkelers are also available on our snorkel tours!.

Where do our snorkel tours snorkel on Maui or Lanai?

Our snorkel tours go to the island of Lanai which is a private island about 8 miles from Maui! This island has more than a dozen snorkel spots with unique reefs, tropical fish and turtles! Lanai also displays a giant sea cliff you can see from the water and is home to pods of spin- ner, spotted and bottlenose dolphins!

While snorkeling do we see tropical fish, turtles or dolphins?

Most commonly we snorkel with tropical fish and Hawaiian Green sea turtles on our snorkel tours! Although we can’t snorkel with dolphins due to their protection, we do get to watch them from the boat! We also see other marine animals on rare occasions including whale sharks, monk seals, rays, octopus, reef sharks and pseudo orcas!




Learn why Lanai Snorkeling makes it
on Maui’s list of top snorkeling spots.


Our mission is to provide a fun, authentic, aloha filled, Maui ocean experience that educates and inspires visitors to love and respect Hawaiian culture, the ocean and our island.

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